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Zoho Implementation Success Stories: EASMED Asia, a leading medical device distributor in Southeast Asia, embarked on a journey to revolutionize their business operations and customer engagement. With the help of WiselyWise’s new Customer Success Delivery Model, they successfully implemented Zoho products, resulting in a streamlined and efficient operation and an elevated customer experience. Join us as we take a closer look at EASMED Asia’s inspiring success story.

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Brief on Zoho Implementation Success Stories : EASMED

EASMED Asia is a leading medical device distributor in Southeast Asia, specializing in the fields of ENT, General Surgery, Urology, Sleep Medicine, and Respiratory & Critical Care. With over 150 employees across 5 countries, EASMED is committed to raising the standard of care for their customers. However, in order to achieve a smoother operation and a higher level of interaction with customers, EASMED recognized the need to implement Zoho products into their business.


EASMED faced several challenges when it came to implementing Zoho products. Firstly, they had a short time frame to implement over 50 products. Additionally, they lacked the in-house talent and expertise to implement these products effectively.


EASMED decided to outsource this work to WiselyWise, who offered a Customer Success Delivery Model. WiselyWise quickly assembled a team of experts who were carefully selected to have the combined expertise to implement the majority of Zoho products and provide various services in an Agile method. This was a wise decision by EASMED as it ensured that they were working with a reliable and authorized Zoho Partner. Furthermore, the long-term relationship between EASMED and WiselyWise provided additional benefits.


By implementing Zoho products in an Agile method with WiselyWise, EASMED was able to achieve its time-to-market objectives and improve employee buy-in. This led to faster adoption and a lower learning curve for employees, resulting in a faster return on investment. Additionally, the delivery model allowed for great flexibility to prioritize products in an Agile mode with a monthly predictable cost. The products implemented included ZohoOne, Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, and Zoho Bookings.

Conclusion – EASMED’s Successful Zoho Implementation

EASMED Asia’s successful implementation of Zoho products with WiselyWise’s Customer Success Delivery Model demonstrates the importance of working with a reliable and authorized Zoho Partner. This partnership allowed EASMED to achieve its goals of streamlining operations and enhancing customer interaction, resulting in a higher standard of care for their customers.


Faster Return on Investment due to Quick Implementation


Avoided Cash Flow issues given the Monthly Fixed Price


Increased Revenue Potential through enhanced customer interactions

“We have a long standing relationship with WiselyWise and they bring a Professional Customer Success Delivery Team for all Implementations”

Lee Wei Jian


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