Story behind the Idea

This has been an idea in germination for several years. Our experience from countless customer engagements taught us that most businesses are fast getting left behind in the Digital revolution. Solutions touted were too rigid or too expensive allowing only a handful of MNCs to Transform Digitally. This made us believe there must be a better way for customers of all sizes to adopt. Our guiding principle “Business First, Technology Second”.

WiselyWise was thus born to realize the Idea of Digital for Everyone.

Currently We provide an Online Robust platform where customers can Design, Create and Securely Host Digital Transformation Solutions through an As A Service Periodic Subscription model. Our 3P Framework allows us to provide an End to End Service for Customers from Planning to Production to Publishing.

Organizations worldwide use the WiselyWise Platform to create powerful Digital Experiences, which are fully optimized for any device, that leads to better Customer Acquisition and Brand Awareness resulting in significant Business Growth.

With WiselyWise, any Brand can become a Publisher !



We provide Unique Perspectives gained from our extensive research

3P Framework

You gain greater value through our 3P – Plan,Produce,Publish – framework


We love working with Partners who  have complementary offerings thus enhancing our overall value


Grow our Customers’ Business through Rapidly Created Complete Digital Transformation Solutions with the Lowest TCO in an As A Service model

Our Passion

We are passionate in wanting our customers to succeed in the Digital space. WiselyWise is how we enable that success. We are constantly innovating and growing. The flame never stops.

  • Innovation 80% 80%
  • Strategy 60% 60%
  • Marketing 50% 50%
  • Customer Happiness 90% 90%

Say Hello to Us

The Committed team behind WiselyWise.

A passionate entrepreneur, Chandrakumar has decades of experience heading leading organizations. He is the Mentor for WiselyWise and is the brain that has powered much of the WiselyWise Platform.

Chandra kumar

Founder & CEO

Hamsa is a longtime senior HR and Recruitment professional. As the Co-Founder & COO, she is committed to creating a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment, with some of the best talent globally.

Hamsa CK

Co-Founder & COO