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About WiselyWise

Passion. Commitment. Excellence. Some themes never become old-fashioned. Themes that we swear by and invest in. WiselyWise is that rare company that you can Trust and Grow with. Balanced Growth that makes it a Win-Win for You, Your Clients and WiselyWise.

Our Vision is to Build a Better Digital Future for All. 

It’s not easy in today’s world to stand still and be successful.

The constant onslaught of new technologies and the industrial revolution they bring about keeps everyone on their toes. The half-life of Skills and Technology is less than 18 months at best. Power has shifted to Consumers who dictate the User Experience they need, be it fast deliveries, personalized products, or Innovative Solutions. Can you afford to stand still?

Born of an intense desire to simplify and assist Customers in tackling these Forces at Work, WiselyWise offers Digital Transformation Services and Enablement through Education & Skilling Services.

WiselyWise offers a complete Digital Transformation Suite by partnering with some of the best Technology Companies and by providing Full-Service Digital Marketing, helping CIOs and CMOs in achieving their business objectives. Unlike Legacy Operators, WiselyWise focusses on your Transformation in all aspects. Ask our 100+ Clients who have put their complete trust in us and our offerings.

WiselyWise helps Decision Makers(School Owners, Administrators, Principals, CSR Leaders, ESG Leaders), who want to proactively prepare their students for future jobs by avoiding becoming obsolete and maximizing their return on investments. Unlike competitors, we provide WiseCentral an easy-to-use, cost-effective Online Learning Platform, age-appropriate courses, Virtual Training, and Complete Support for Course Completion. WiseCentral is the Go-To Learning Platform for 50,000+ Students and 200+ Schools & Universities, Corporates globally.

Our Awesome Team

Chandra Kumar

Chandra Kumar

Founder & CEO

Building a Once in a Life time Company

Hamsa Chandrakumar

Hamsa Chandrakumar

CoFounder & COO

A Rare Woman Founder taking on the toughest Ops

Our Values

No Compromises is our Motto and something we live by on a daily basis


Passion moves mountains. When Customers need the best Solutions, we are there for them taking on every challenge as if our life depended on it.


We understand building a business and delivering on our offerings is a daily, consistent effort. We never tire from our commitments and in fact thrive on them.


We want to be Effective, not just efficient. We invest in our capabilities, our platforms and all our customer touch points including recruiting some of the best talent globally.

What We Do Best

Digital Transformation

Digital Marketing


Skilling and Training

Technology Services

Product Reselling

Learning Solutions


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