Chatbots are the next BIG Marketing trend in 2018!

With the rise of Messaging Apps, you need to engage with Digitally-savvy customers through their preferred Communication Channels. You also need to implement the right Conversation techniques to engage and retain them. Chatbots can help you here. They are at the forefront of Conversation Marketing. Once you combine the power of Artificial Intelligence, you will see how Chatbots will soon become pervasive. Many organizations and brands have already adopted Chatbots to improve Sales, generate new revenue, cut down on costs and provide superior customer service.

So are you eager to learn what Chatbots can do for you? But does the fear of coding hold you back? Don’t worry, this workshop will guide you step by step towards designing, building and launching your own Chatbot in just a day, with no coding involved. What’s more – you can also get your Chatbot reviewed by our Experts immediately, and you can use it to grow your business !!

Unlike other workshops, with us, you learn the Concepts behind Conversation Marketing while building an actual Chatbot. This ensures you have the right knowledge and blueprint which can be applied to design and create Chatbots on any Technology platform. You can even leverage the learning to build Voicebots in the future.

This Workshop will focus on Facebook Messenger Chatbots for building your Bot.

Why build AI Chatbots?

  • Sell more, given the 90% open rates of FB notifications compared to the average 30% with email marketing
  • Prevent loss of Sales with immediate responses to your page & website visitors
  • Upsell and Cross-sell to your fans without additional advertising costs
  • Retain customers by Personalizing your sales pitches using Facebook data

Whether you’re a marketer, brand consultant, social media manager, or a small business owner, this course will teach you how to build an AI Chatbot on Facebook Messenger that will Market More, Sell More & Service More

What the 1-day workshop will cover:

  • Conceptual framework behind Chatbots
  • Conversational Design methodology
  • Build a Facebook Messenger Chatbot from scratch
  • Artificial Intelligence Concepts powering Chatbots
  • Digital Marketing via Bots
  • Overview of Concerns, Regulations, and ways to follow them

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how to delight your users with Conversational Marketing
  • Learn the correct steps in building a Chatbot
  • Be able to set up Marketing Workflows which increases client buying behavior
  • Know how to analyze
  • Understand how to improve your reach
  • Learn how to Personalize your messages with predefined user data

Why Us:

* We are a leading AI business designing and delivering Chatbots powered by AI. You can trust our expertise and achieve faster success in a shorter time period.

* We teach the Concepts behind Bots, not just the steps to build a bot. You get greater Return on your Investment since your learning can be retained and applied across technologies for a long time.

* Our Expert Trainer is Certified by MIT Boston in Artificial Intelligence. You can rely on Expert guidance reducing your learning curve in achieving your desired outcomes.

* We have 50+ years of combined experience in Marketing, CRM, Information Technology domains across several industries. You can leverage our expertise and experience in optimizing your Bot, thus reducing Risks and associated costs.

Key Takeaways:

  • Your Own Real Chatbot
  • Blueprint to build any Chatbot
  • Use Case for your business


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Price Includes:

  • Certificate of Completion

Would you like to Know More:

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