Artificial Intelligence has grown beyond the hype and is increasingly entering every aspect of our lives. While there is enough and more content on the Internet about AI, its impact and how industries are adopting AI, we could not find a single source which could help start anyone with AI. There are numerous courses which teach AI from a Technical perspective, the coding languages, libraries etc. But there is no course which aspires or even attempts to provide the Basics of AI. 

We took on the challenge and today WiselyWise team conducts multiple online and physical classroom courses in AI. We start with the foundation and go on to introduce newer topics which build on the foundation. Our 101 course is called Basics of AI without the hype. We also run a Practical AI in Business Strategy course. At the next level, we run Anyone can develop Chatbots course.

The customer feedback has been tremendous and we have folks worldwide who have been asking us to provide the basics in other consumable formats. We have taken all the feedback and created an eBook detailed below. Download it today and get started in the AI ecosystem.  

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