Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

AI continues to be a topic of fierce debate compared to most other technologies. and this debate has been raging for decades now. AI has seen many Winters and currently seems to be enjoying a bout of Spring. There has been a significant advance in Deep Learning a few years back, which has led to a lot of new applications and use cases, some of which are truly disruptive. At the same time, society is wary of Artificial General Intelligence – AGI as its fondly called, an Intelligence far superior to that of humans and which could wield tremendous power. 

Time to time I have been called to speak on simplifying AI and deliver courses for a meaningful AI. While my team and I continue to increase our expertise and experience in the AI space, we also like to cut down the hype and put forth the concepts in a way even non-tech people could understand. This approach is quite important given the enormous changes AI could potentially bring to society broadly. This also helps us stay close to our original Vision statement “TO ENABLE A BETTER DIGITAL FUTURE FOR ALL”. 

I was invited by the NewCampus, another pioneering Startup in the Learning vertical to speak on demystifying AI. Delivered on a Saturday afternoon to a well-discerning audience, I spoke on the current usage of AI in saving lives, presented two frameworks to understand and implement AI, while giving personal examples of how we use AI in WiselyWise. 

Below are two videos on my Keynote. One of them has been generated using an AI in less than 10 minutes. (find out which one!!).

Highlights Video

Complete Keynote: