Education system worldwide needs a revamp. While some experts mention it as being broken, we still need to work with the system to bring about the change. At WiselyWise we have the pleasure of working with many such companies which bring about the change.

This past Saturday, a hot summer day, I was invited to be a Guest Speaker by our Partners Fundamental Learning Centre for the launch of FunDaLabs, a brand new initiative to enrich students in the Sciences and New Technology. The Labs (who will use our AI Learning Platform – WiseCentral for the AI courses) combines a mix of Science, Cybersecurity, Mindfulness, AI programs towards enriching Students knowledge and ensuring they learn the right skills from the Experts. Available as short duration(few days) to Year-long programs, these are currently run in Singapore starting June 2019.

For those of you Parents wondering how to keep your children busy, occupied and productive during the summer holidays and beyond, I would strongly recommend the Labs Program. If you would like more details, pls ping me on or Whatsapp me at +65 82684140.

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