I am sure you are reading a lot about the initiatives by Singapore for Digital Transformation and you are also keen to Digitize your Own business.

We are happy to invite you to our Digital Transformation Bootcamps. We conduct these regularly at common locations or at your premises. 

Let me present to you the Digital Transformation Bootcamp – I am also the 

Mentor for this course.


Digital revolution is redefining traditional businesses. 80% of business leaders believe they need to be a digital business to succeed, but only 29% have full digital strategies in place, according to the latest Microsoft Asia Digital Transformation research. To ensure every business succeeds as a digital business, we have put together a holistic Digital Transformation Bootcamp for you. During the bootcamp, you will learn the critical strategies for digital transformation and reap the implementation benefits across your organization.

WHO WILL BENEFIT: BUSINESS OWNERS or ENTREPRENEURS who seek to future-ready their business via Digital Transformation.


This bootcamp will assist Business Owners and their Management team to develop your Digital Transformation Plan. You will also learn how emerging technologies can be applied to your businesses through e-learning and keynote lectures. You will also learn about Funding and Grants applicable.

Subsequently, you will be guided with 1-to-1 mentorship to understand in detail about Funding, Digital Strategies and Digital Business Model Roadmap for your business. This course is 90% funded, you only need to pay *$510 after GST. Skillsfuture credit claimable!


* Digital Business Model 

* Technology & Digital Practices Roadmap



Interested in Transforming your organization?

Please write to chandru@wiselywise.com or use our Contact Form – https://wiselywise.com/contact-us/ to send us your details. We will revert to you immediately.