3 Days Artificial Intelligence Star Pre Bootcamp

3 Days Artificial Intelligence Star Pre Bootcamp

Help your child gain Confidence in the “Golden age” of Artificial Intelligence with WiselyWise a Singapore AI EdTech

About this event

Keep your child engaged with our AI Pre Bootcamp. Make them learn future skills like Artificial Intelligence and Coding.

According to the World Economic Forum, the growth of AI could create 58 million new jobs in the next few years. Learning such skills will make them stand out in the huge Demand for AI Skills in the future.

AI is already a part of our daily lives and has been used innovatively to complete Beethoven’s Unfinished 10th Symphony, and is used as a tool in Natural Science, Research, technology fields, and much more.

Make your Child a Star in this AI future!

We are proud to bring our very successful Artificial Intelligence Star online Pre Bootcamps once again during this school holiday. More than10000+ students and 150+ schools have successfully completed our Pre Bootcamps and Bootcamps…

Enroll your child in our AI Star Pre Bootcamp during November and December 2021.

Our Pre Bootcamps and Bootcamps follow the Creative Computing curriculum recommended by Harvard Graduate School of Education. We focus on developing the Creativity, Imagination, and interest of the child while building Creative Computing Skills. We transform the students from being Couch Consumers to becoming Creators by building their computational thinking and problem-solving skills which are essential for careers such as Computer Scientists, Developers, and Programmer Analyst.

Upon completing our 9 hours AI Star Pre Bootcamp your child will be given an opportunity to continue the journey to our next-level AI Champion Bootcamp which would include learning all applications of AI with experiments, Computing Concepts, Advanced Scratch coding, creation of AI tools using Scratch, AI in Society.

View the video below to sample our Workshop:

Our 3 Day Online Pre Bootcamp in Artificial Intelligence is an Instructor-led and guided workshop being delivered over 3 days. This Pre Bootcamp is exclusively for the students from Grades 3 to 6.

What will your child gain?

  • Learn AI Concepts using drawing tools
  • Learn to Represent Coding Concepts
  • Learn to create a Spooky Game in Scratch
  • Learn Big 5 Ideas in AI
  • Create an Emotion Recognition Project using Machine Learning
  • Get a Digital Certificate which can be used in Social media.

About the Trainers

Our trainers are certified in AI by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, specializing in the Engineering domain, and have developed AI projects in multiple domains like Conversational AI, Machine Learning. We have experience teaching 20,000 students globally.

How does the Pre Bootcamp work?

  • Your child will get access to the AI Star online course content after registration.
  • Your child can log in using the registered email ID to access the course
  • You will receive help documents and other instructions to the registered email ID three days before the Pre Bootcamp.
  • Your child will attend pre and post-assessments to ensure progress
  • We will have fun experiments, assignments, AI projects, quizzes, and Scratch Games as part of this Pre Bootcamp.


  • No prerequisite is needed for this Pre Bootcamp
  • Please fill in all the correct details while registering your child.
  • Make sure you have a laptop/computer with a strong internet connection
  • We recommend the use of the latest version of the Chrome browser


  • The Pre Bootcamp will be conducted for 3 consecutive days for 3 hours each day. The timing would be 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM Singapore Time across all three days.
  • You may choose from the below dates while registering
  • November: 8th – 10th Nov, 16th – 18th Nov, 22nd – 24th Nov, and 29th Nov – 1st Dec
  • December: 8th – 10th Dec, 21st – 23rd Dec, and 27th – 29th Dec


Get ready to enroll your child!! Grab your seats to avail of early bird pricing.

Limited seats available so hurry!

For any details, Call or WhatsApp at +65-91887094 or drop a mail at hello@wiselywise.com

Free Trial Class on Artificial Intelligence and Python Coding – California

Free Trial Class on Artificial Intelligence and Python Coding – California

FREE Trial Coding Class on Python

About this event

This is an Online Event.


Unlock your child’s true potential by introducing them early to growing technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Python programming. We would like to welcome your child to attend our Free Virtual Trial Class “Learn AI and Python Programming.”


We have Multiple AI Programs running based on the student’s grades. AI Explorer and AI Wizard for Classes (7-8 grades), and AI Master and AI Guru for Classes (9-12 grades) and these are the courses where you can get started in Artificial Intelligence and Python Programming. The Virtual Classes are conducted in a group of 1 to 5 students to ensure that each child learns properly.


Our trainers like to go an extra mile, when it comes to teaching and making the students understand concepts.


Why learn AI? Most people think AI will be used only in the future. But we all are in some way or the other already users of AI. Most of us use Netflix, Amazon Prime and Other streaming services which already use AI for Search recommendations. The AI technique is also used in the Google Search for the various predictions. In our courses we cover concepts of AI like, Machine learning, Computer Vision, Nature Language Processing and Robotics. We use Python Programming to create Artificial Intelligence projects.


Python is an interpreted high-level general-purpose programming language. It’s one of the most user-friendly programming languages. Many of the cutting edge Artificial Intelligence systems have been programmed in Python. For beginners and students, it’s the best programming language to get started because of its non complex syntax structure.


After the trial Class, we will give you the option to enroll in our course as per your child’s grade level, either for The AI Explorer or The AI Master course.

Below are details for your reference.



Topics Covered in AI Explorer (7-8 Grades) :

  • Introduction to AI
  • Machine Learning – Intro
  • Learn Programming Concepts using Scratch
  • App Development


Topics Covered in AI Master (9-12 Grades) :

  • Introduction to AI
  • Machine Learning – Intro
  • Learn Programming Concepts using Python
  • Machine learning Projects using Python
  • Access to CodeCentral
  • App Development


Important note to parents

Parents are required to provide approval for their child to attend the Free Online Trial Class. A Parent must be present along with the child during the online session.

By registering, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


Contact us at +65-91887094 for any further det