Restaurants all around the world need to maintain high standards of customer service. But with growing costs, real estate prices and lack of manpower, maintaining those standards can become a challenge.

The changing landscape of technology has got most people globally using devices such as smartphones, that’s changed the way customers behave. In an “always connected world”, more and more people have begun using online services, for a vast majority of their needs. Today’s younger generation prefers to message the business, rather than talking to a person.  

Thankfully, with technological advancements, comes a number of advantages as well, even for Restaurants. Today, Restaurants have the chance to handle their existing challenges in a more efficient way, especially with the introduction of Chatbots powered by AI.

Here’s an original video from WiselyWise, on how Restaurants can use Chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence effectively to grow their business in this changing technological landscape.


For the benefit of those who have not seen the video, here’s the transcript below:

Restaurants today have multiple challenges. Responding to customers immediately, error-free order taking, rising manpower costs.

If you are a Restaurant, then listen carefully, there is a solution for this with Chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence.

A Chatbot is a software that can mimic human interactions, are automated and can take a huge load off your staff by handling all standard and basic questions so your staff can handle more important tasks.

Chatbots can be programmed to answer routine, frequently asked questions like providing information on location, restaurant contact numbers, opening & closing timings and can work as your 24/7 assistants, keeping your customers engaged in a better and faster way.

Chatbots can even attend to multiple customers at a time! Customers can place their food orders through the Chatbots.

The best part, Chatbots can record the customers’ contact details, order history, preferred payment and more.

Chatbots can also send notifications when the order is ready directly to the customer. The whole ordering process just gets simpler, efficient and quicker. Chatbots can take customer feedback and handle complaints instantly.

Chatbots can be used by Restaurants to run loyalty programs, giving rewards, offers and incentives to their loyal customers, keep them engaged, track them, significantly upsell more and get repeat business.

As the millennials are growing quickly as the biggest consumer segment, their preference for messaging channels must be adopted quickly by Restaurants, in order to stay relevant.

Chatbots can enable Restaurants to deliver consistently and one on one messaging to their customers through every interaction, creating the best customer experience and more satisfaction!

So what are you waiting for? Get your Chatbot today and grow your Restaurant business!