Case Studies


Amazon Cares Schools AI Program

The Amazon Cares Schools AI Program is the program where Amazon engaged WiselyWise for each of their schools, to provide our AI Education Program.  As part of this program, we trained 100s of teachers on How to teach AI to their students and successfully impacted 1000s of school students from different parts of India, coming from 100s of schools.


Lila College Girls AI Program

The Lila Poonawalla Foundation wanted their Girl Scholars to learn future skills like AI, to help them get ready for future jobs. They approached WiselyWise to provide our AI Education Program to their Girls, who were also pursuing different engineering degree courses, and Post Graduation. To provide the girls a good foundation in AI, WiselyWise provided the Lila Scholars our Basics of AI with the Hype Course,  and Conversational AI Foundation courses, where they learnt the fundamental concepts in conversation AI, and developed Alexa Voice-based skills. 


GIIS Age-appropriate AI Education across K-12

The Global Indian International School has partnered with WiselyWise to provide our AI Education Programs to their school students. WisleyWise has provided our age-appropriate AI Courses to their students coming from Grades 3-12 across different boards of study. We have successfully conducted CCA Programs, after school programs and also conducted multiple AI Bootcamps for their students across their multiple campuses.


Second Chance in Life Program

Hatch, Singapore approached WiselyWise to build and conduct Digital Skills program for their underprivileged students, to get a second change in life, and get better-paying jobs. WisleyWise Successfully conducted the program, which resulted in 100% placements of all the students.


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Cognizant 4E AI Education Program

Cognizant is focused on Sustainability as a Key Priority area and wants to impact the Society it serves. Education is one of the key areas of interest for Cognizant ESG and Outreach Teams globally. WiselyWise enables them to impact Students’ Skilling for their brighter future and success in Careers. Cognizant Volunteers work in the Community to teach Students in a Phygital mode in this program.