Cognizant 4E AI Education

CFE AI Education is an end to end Artificial Intelligence education program, powered by Cognizant and WiselyWise, to teach Students of all ages AI Skills to help prepare them for careers in an AI-enabled world.

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Cognizant engineers modern businesses. As one of the largest global professional services companies, we help clients modernize technology, reimagine processes and transform experiences so they can stay ahead in our fast-changing world. 

Cognizant Outreach(ESG)

Our Outreach team enables Cognizant Volunteering that serves businesses and communities by supporting Inclusion in Tech and increasing  Community Impact. 


We enable our Clients to Own and Sponsor Skilling initiatives at Scale via our Artificial Intelligence Education Program delivered through WiseCentral Learning Platform. Clients can meet their ESG and Business Objectives while ensuring maximum Impact.

65% of children entering grade school today will end up working in jobs that don’t even exist yet

AI Education Program

WiselyWise Artificial Intelligence Education Program enables students on the Core AI Skills for their future studies and career. Students will master AI Concepts, Coding in Python & Scratch, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Robotics, Conversational AI, and upcoming AI areas.

Helping volunteers succeed

Our volunteers work in the community and bring a range of skills  that help the next generation of youth escape poverty and have meaningful careers. WiselyWise provides  resources to empower volunteers.


Join a vibrant community of like-minded committed volunteers from across the globe. Share ideas, get inspired and gain cutting edge knowledge. Click here!



We train volunteers through online and offline workshops so they get ready to Teach AI. Volunteers experience fun-filled days of learning teaching techniques and making new connections, all while contributing  new ideas on how to effectively Skill the Students.

WiseCentral Platform

Volunteers get access to a Modern AI Learning Platform which hosts WiselyWise Courses, Assessments, Certificates, Badges and much more. Not just a platform, WiseCentral is an essential assistant for Volunteers taking over the routine tasks.


Volunteers need not look further than SupportCentral for all their Support needs. They can raise tickets, get answers, give feedback, browse Articles and FAQs in a Multi-channel mode be it email, Web, mobile app.


Volunteers get access to an Exclusive Online Library providing Curated and Free eBooks, articles, Videos, White Papers, Code Samples, PDFs and other multimedia information files. 

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Transforming Schools with AI Education

Artificial Intelligence Education needs to start early to provide a head-start to our K-12 Students. Schools need to help students find their passion and then connect it to AI Skills, so they can create their own future. Say No to outdated skills and being left behind in the AI Industrial Revolution.


Cognizant 4E AI Education is a Comprehensive Program covering all foundational aspects of Artificial Intelligence incorporating latest teaching techniques, learning methodology to transform students from consumers to creators.


End to End Comprehensive Program

PhyGital Learning

Affordable Pricing

Python Coding

Modular Design

Digital Portfolio


Learning Path

Project Based Learning

Capstone Project

Scratch Programming

Skills Focussed

Hands-On Approach

Automated Assessment

Student Analytics


Winner of Google Hackathon

Kaveri Priya, a student of Grade 11 CBSE, GIIS made her app ‘LABO – Breadwinners of Tomorrow’ and won a prize at the SheHacks Hackathon. She attributes a large part of her success to the Artificial Intelligence workshop conducted by WiselyWise, that she attended at the school. She said that the skills learned there helped her a lot in ideating and coding the product.

Students Projects


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What Our Volunteers are Saying

It was very structured and meticulously planned. The Volunteers are eager to complete the course and start teaching the students across the country.

Aboli Mahajan

Outreach Strategist

Highly engaging Workshop and easy to learn Course from WiselyWise. Our Volunteers thoroughly enjoyed the AI Education Program.

Abhishek Jain

Outreach Leader

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