Lila College Girls AI Program

Lila Poonawalla Foundation

The Lila Poonawalla Foundation wanted their Girl Scholars to learn future skills like AI, to help them get ready for future jobs. They approached WiselyWise to provide our AI Education Program to their Girls, who were also pursuing different engineering degree courses, and Post Graduation. To provide the girls a good foundation in AI, WiselyWise provided the Lila Scholars our Basics of AI with the Hype Course,  and Conversational AI Foundation courses, where they learnt the fundamental concepts in conversation AI, and developed Alexa Voice-based skills. 

Lila Girl Scholars trained

Support Sessions & 2 Alexa Skill Building Workshops Conducted


Course completion



LPF impacts Girls Education across Universities via Scholarships. They needed a cost effective solution for their New Tech Enrichment programs with ongoing Support


500+ Girls have enrolled in WiseCentral and completed Conversational AI courses setting them for success in their Careers.

“Flipped” Classes have been a great motivator for their course completion.

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