Artificial Intelligence Master Class

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here. Growing from its initial hype, AI today is changing the way business is done. Organizations are investing heavily in AI Capabilities and related research. Start-ups are again redefining and disrupting industries. At the center of all AI is the customer relationship focus. Engaging with Customers in highly personalized ways has always been the holy grail. AI can be a terrific ally for you in realizing this dream.

We will look at topics building towards this realization.

  • The current State of AI
  • Applications of AI
  • Case Studies
  • Technology
  • Getting started without worrying about the Tech

Why You Should Attend This Course:

During this course, we will move beyond the AI noise and take a deeper look at how AI is impacting businesses & careers. You will learn about the benefits of implementing AI in your organization while setting a sharp focus on metrics that matter – Revenue and Profit.

We will look at how AI can help build Relevance at Scale while helping Communicate 1 to 1 with Prospects & Customers. AI today can help unearth trends from enormous Datasets leading to new insights which in turn enable New Product Definition and Development benefiting your business.

You will learn how to gain more time & freedom by using AI for boring, repetitive tasks allowing you to focus on Creative tasks which improve ROI. You will be exposed to Next-Level thinking in engaging customers.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Grasp the AI basics
  • Define areas to implement AI along with the benefits
  • Get Prepared for the oncoming AI wave impacting your career & business
  • Gain the confidence to articulate AI & related topics
  • Become Proactive in selecting & working on AI platforms

Course Outline:

The current State of AI

  • An introduction to Artificial Intelligence & its impact
  • Basic AI terms – Machine Learning, NLG
  • A glimpse of the AI landscape

Applications of AI

  • Chatbots Powered by AI
  • Content Generation at Scale
  • Search
  • Voice

Case Studies

  • Conversational Commerce
  • Leaders


  • Platforms
  • Players

Getting started without worrying about the Tech

  • Start Small, Fail Fast, Learn Rapidly
  • What to Study

Who Will Benefit?

Executives, CMOs, Marketers, PR & Communications professionals, Managers, Business owners who are serious about understanding AI & its benefits. If you are looking to learn without the hype or are investing in AI programs or would like to be aware of what’s on the AI horizon this course is for you.

Price Includes:

  • Certificate of Completion

Would you like to Know More:

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Next Level:

Participants who complete this course can attend our AI Chatbots Workshop.

Name of the Workshop: Anyone can build a Chatbot now, No Coding Required.

Details are in this link: AI Chatbot Workshop


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