WiselyWise, the AI EdTech startup today announced the launch of a unique AI curriculum for educational institutions to offer students with modules on conversational AI with Amazon Alexa. International Institute of Information Technology (ISquareIT), Pune has taken the lead by signing an MoU with WiselyWise and will adopt WiseCentral, an AI Education Platform for its students starting August 2019. The course will cover the basics of AI and Natural Language Processing to enable students to build skills for Alexa. The course also has a module on voice design. Considered to be the next big technology disruption, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning has captured the imagination of developers globally and many companies have moved towards creating AI solutions over the last few months.  It is estimated that almost 1,500 companies with their focus on AI were launched in Asia-Pacific over the last month.

“During our discussions with many companies, we realized that there was a serious gap in getting relevant, well-trained resources on AI.  Companies were forced to take other candidates and train them extensively before they are ready to be productive.  We also spoke to many institutions across the US, Singapore, and India, and realized that they have students who are keen to learn AI, but do not have any reliable content that helps them”, said Mr. Chandra Kumar, CEO of WiselyWise.  “We created the entire curriculum working closely with the Amazon Alexa team to provide a comprehensive conversational AI and core AI & ML cloud skills for students across K12 and STEM institutes”.

“Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain technologies are already impacting various industrial sectors and our lives.  Current demand for AI ready professionals in the industries has paved a way for value-added courses for graduate students. We want our students and faculty to be proficient & excel in these technologies for a higher degree of placement and successful careers” said Mrs. Aruna Katara, President of Hope Foundation & Research Centre.

According to Dilip R.S., Country Manager for Alexa Skills and Voice Services, Amazon India, “Alexa offers amazing opportunities for Indian developers to provide the most engaging voice experiences. This initiative by WiselyWise delivers AI-ready graduates by offering a highly focused curriculum and advances our efforts to teach Alexa skill-building to students across India”

WiselyWise is a Singapore headquartered AI EdTech company which embarked on this journey to build a curriculum to enable students for Industry-leading job requirements around AI & ML. Visit https://wiselywise.com and https://ai.wiselywise.com