WiselyWise is delighted to welcome the 3rd batch of Lila Girl Scholars to our Artificial Intelligence Education program. This program is aimed at giving the Lila Scholars a strong Foundation in Artificial Intelligence, to get them started in their AI journey.

WiselyWise conducted a one-of-a-kind Virtual Orientation session for the next batch of 200 Scholars on our AI Education Program on 4th September 2021.

The Virtual Orientation session began with an ice-breaking session with fun quizzes, and fun badges given to the winners, which the young ladies thoroughly enjoyed! This was followed by a welcome note given by our COO and an introduction session to WiselyWise and how we are impacting young minds through our very successful AI Programs globally.

The session progressed with a detailed walkthrough by the WiselyWise team, on our AI Education Platform – WiseCentral and our unique Support Platform – SupportCentral, where they can raise tickets for all their support requests during the Program. Finally, all the Lila Scholars were enrolled in our Program courses namely Basics of AI without hype and Conversational AI.

The entire Orientation session ran for a duration of 3 hours, and all the Scholars thoroughly enjoyed this unique experience, specially created for them by the WiselyWise team!

Welcome to the world of Artificial intelligence!

For a glimpse into this unique Orientation experience, please click on the video below:

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