Artificial Intelligence Education Impact Assessment

Artificial Intelligence Education Impact Assessment

Our CEO Mr. Chandrakumar Natarajan, recently did a site visit to Panchayat Union Middle School, Chennai, in August 2022, to assess the impact of WiselyWise’s Artificial Intelligence Education Program implemented at the school, which included access to our age-appropriate AI Courses for Schools, and Teachers Professional Development workshops conducted by the WiselyWise teams.

The school had organized a very warm welcome. They had also invited the Block Educational Officer to attend the program. It was very satisfying to see how this school had welcomed the opportunity to introduce Artificial Intelligence to their students, and how the teachers had wholeheartedly involved themselves in acquiring the knowledge, and ensuring that each and every student got the opportunity to learn the AI courses provided by WiselyWise.

The students did presentations on their learnings, along with the teachers, and it was indeed wonderful to see how well the students had grasped the concepts and are also using their acquired knowledge in their day-to-day activities in school. Here’s a glimpse of the day’s program.

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