2020 Starts with a bang for WiselyWise. We are happy to announce that we have signed an MoU with Bishop Heber College, our newest and latest Nodal Center in India for Artificial Intelligence Education.

This is a significant step for Bishop Heber to introduce AI education courses to all their students and external students as well. WiselyWise will provide our WiseCentral Platform so all students can access Online, the latest in AI Education courses built as per international standards and industry relevance.

Bishop Heber will now provide courses at prices affordable to the Indian students while maintaining its high standards of education. The courses will provide Skill Sets relevant to the current and future industry needs, allowing them to be job-ready as soon as they enter their employer organization. Employers can deploy them faster into roles and projects, which benefits them from a Time to Market and ROI perspective.

For more details on the courses, please visit https://ai.wiselywise.com

If you would like to register for the courses starting January 2020 or want more details, please email to eva@wiselywise.com

Seen in the picture:

Dr. Paul Dhayabaran – Principal, Bishop Heber College

Chandra Kumar – Founder & CEO WiselyWise

Prof. Rajkumar Kannan – Head of Data Science, Bishop Heber College

(Double bonanza: I was a student of Bishop Heber in the 90s and studied under both Dr.Paul Dhayabaran and Prof.Rajkumar, eternally grateful for being my teachers)