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We provide more than 50 plus courses in Artificial Intelligence and related areas. These courses have been meticulously designed and created as per International Standards with the sole purpose of providing the right knowledge and real value for our learners. For K12 Schools, we provide courses that are age appropriate. We provide more advanced courses for colleges. Learners can explore our courses as per their Skill of choice via our Skill pathways or opt in for a Career pathway to select those courses that lead to a specific career. Additional available options are Workshops and One on One training sessions.

Career Pathways

Learning for the future, Career pathways that lead to careers

School Pathway

Future Learning pathways to transform students to creators


We provide Workshop options for a group based learning experience

Skill Pathways

Develop your skills and job performance with our skills pathway.


With more than 50 Plus courses, we provide the option for learners to select courses of their choice.

One-On-One Training classes

We provide options for One-On-One Virtual classes 

Become an expert

With 50 plus AI Courses designed as per International standards for anyone who wants to learn, even you can become an expert in AI


Virtual Labs from WiselyWise

LabCentral is an innovative online lab platform provided by WiselyWise exclusively for our students. LabCentral will provide students a virtual lab environment, where they can work on various assignments and experiments required to be completed as part of their enrolled courses. Using LabCentral gives students the perfect online platform that can be accessed remotely via a simple login, and is an essential element in their journey of understanding and assimilation of Artificial Intelligence knowledge.

Build your portfolio

Our courses are designed to ensure learners learn and assimilate AI concepts through assignments, activities, quizzes and projects. As part of this process, each learner builds their own Digital Portfolio Deck, showcasing their learning.

Achieve your goals

Learn AI from the experts. Our courses are designed, created  and carefully curated to meet industry needs, so you can meet your learning goals with us.

The Course has broadened my knowledge in Artificial Intelligence “

Shoyen Agarwal, Student -Global Indian International School

Our Student Shoyen Agarwal says

“WiselyWise Courses has broadened my understanding of Artificial intelligence and made me curious to know more about this new technology. I feel the amount of insight and knowledge the courses provide is very satisfying”

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