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AI Central

AI Central is our knowledge base, where a learner who wants to keep learning AI, can find a repository of carefully curated material in PDF, Video and text format. AI Central is regularly updated with information on the latest developments in this fast changing AI field.

App Central

A Unique Virtual platform, for AI App creation

AppCentral is one of a kind platform that we provide to our students. AppCentral is a Virtual environment, which is set up in a way, that students can create their very own AI Apps, easily without coding. The interface uses simple block based programming, that enables students to use their logical  and analytical thinking and demonstrate their understanding through real time app creation. AppCentral provides multiple projects, with clear instructions, within this environment, for students to implement on their own.

Code Central

Our learners are given access to a unique online platform, where we provide an environment for coding. Learners no longer need to look for different places to try out their coding skills. All they need to do is log in to CodeCentral, and begin their coding journey with us.