This Short Course teaches you the Core Concepts of Artificial Intelligence in 89 minutes. You will be learning about the Applications of AI: Machine Learning, Conversational AI, Robotics, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision. You will also learn about the impact of AI on Society & Jobs and why it is important to start learning AI. You will also learn about Ethics & Bias, Governmental Activities to promote AI in their countries. We will walk you through 10 modules of Artificial Intelligence so that you can get a complete understanding of AI.

We have also added a section on Students Questions and our Answers to them which will be very helpful to you. Once you complete, you will automatically get your Completion Certificate. There is also a Surprise Bonus for you in the form of a Coupon Code that you can use to get a big discount on our regular AI courses. Excited? Let’s get started.

Who should register

  • Students who need an interactive course which will get them started in AI
  • Parents who are concerned about their children learning outdated Skills and aren’t sure how to select the right AI course
  • Principals who are looking to introduce AI Courses and want a quick start

What do you get

  • You get complete Access 24 hours for a full month
  • Coupon Code for a Big Discount
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Free Artificial Intelligence eBook
  • You can use any device to access the course

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