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Winner of Google Hackathon

Kaveri Priya, a student of Grade 11 CBSE, GIIS made her app ‘LABO – Breadwinners of Tomorrow’ and won a prize at the SheHacks Hackathon. She attributes a large part of her success to the Artificial Intelligence workshop conducted by WiselyWise, that she attended at the school. She said that the skills learned there helped her a lot in ideating and coding the product.

Why Lifelong Learning of AI


According to Accenture’s Analysis, AI can add 15% of Current Gross Value Added to a Country’s Economy by 2035. Skilling in areas like Machine Learning, AI Concepts, Chatbots will ensure a stable future for students.

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Student Creators

Meet Khushi Bhardwaj, our alumni, who is developing an AI Chatbot to fight Monophobia, an anxiety-related phobia.

Benefits of Learning Artificial Intelligence for Kids

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AI is the future. We want our Junior School friends to learn AI in a fun and easy way.

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Artificial Intelligence is all-pervasive. Our Middle School friends will find this course to be fascinating to learn from.

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Artificial Intelligence is at the doorstep of our High School friends who are about to embark on their next big journey in life. 

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