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Are you looking for a Coaching Website Template that works?

Tweet So you are all charged up and really passionate about being a Coach. You want to make a difference in people’s lives and want to reach all those around the world, who could benefit from your coaching. Does that sound like you? If yes, then you need to think about having a website that conveys your passion to the outside world. But just having a basic website that only serves as an additional information on your visiting card would not mean much would it? Of course not! You need a Coaching Website Template that works for your business!...

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Are You A Publisher Wanting To Make More Money?

Tweet Publishing has been around for decades. Many Publishers have built massive Print empires in the past. So is it business as usual for Publishers today? I’d hope so, but the reality of the situation is that it’s not. Publishers globally are being hit by the advent of the Digital Era. Digital is everywhere, and to complicate things Mobile is running even faster to grab its share of the reader’s attention! How complicated is that? The fact of the matter is, people globally are dumping the print subscriptions, while the online versions are eating the pie. Falling print subscriptions...

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WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT – Move to the Next Level in 2017

Tweet Are you still developing websites the old-fashioned way? I mean do you still do HTML, CSS along with manual processes? It’s time for you to Move to the Next Level. Save time and budget. And Use the savings for investments in innovations. We always have spoken on the need for organizations to Own their Content and Own their platform. No more lock-in to Proprietary platforms, super expensive licensing fees, maintenance hassles, dependence on IT teams. What is WiselyWise? WiselyWise is a Cloud Hosted Digital Platform that comes with a pre-configured Website Development Environment meant for Enterprises, large and small. WiselyWise enables you to accelerate the development and hosting of sites by providing a Ready to Go functionality You can now build on top of templates, layouts, modules without having to create them from scratch. You can also customize the templates and layouts for your specific industry and your organization. WiselyWise helps to rapidly author sites via ready to use layouts, in-built workflows, immediate Previews and a Media Library. You can go live fast with your Websites which are Mobile Responsive and can deliver Rich Content to all digital channels. WiselyWise is built to be a Cost-effective and efficient solution for managing your Website(s) and their digital properties. What is available out-of-the-box? WiselyWise provides organizations with a core platform for Website development while maintaining the flexibility needed to support...

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