AI Courses available in Romania

AI Courses available in Romania

Artificial Intelligence is impacting Society worldwide. Statistics show that almost everyone needs to either gain the skills or upskill themselves in AI Skills.

WiselyWise is a leader in Life long AI Learning from K-12 Schools to Colleges and Adult workers in the Corporate World. We provide a wide range of online courses, boot camps, workshops, and professional development for teachers on how to teach AI. You could view all the courses on WiseCentral and select those which can aid your Skilling requirements.

Now WiselyWise has entered into a partnership with a Social Good organization in Romania thus making available all our courses in Romania. Having successfully overcome infrastructural challenges in Asia where students have minimal access to the Internet and Computing devices, We are confidently positioned for helping students across Romania learn and be successful in Artificial Intelligence Education.

Our Unique Value Proposition lies in:

  • Age-appropriate courses in AI from K12 to Colleges to Corporates
  • Our understanding of GDPR
  • Our Online WiseCentral Learning Platform
  • Readiness to support languages native to Romania
  • Full eCommerce Capabilities
  • Virtual Training Support
  • MoUs with leading Universities and AI Experts
  • Professional Development of Teachers and Faculty
  • Partnerships with Amazon, AWS
  • Long term roadmap to support Digital Marketing, Blockchain, Web3, and in-demand Skills

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You can contact us via our Contact Us form or email

5 Years and Going Strong: Note from the CEO

5 Years and Going Strong: Note from the CEO

A Big Thank You to all our Clients, Students, Teachers, Principals, and many many stakeholders without whom this milestone wouldn’t have been possible.

As WiselyWise enters its 6th year as a Company, many milestones and achievements are made possible due to the massive support from the communities that we serve.

to name a few,

  • 150 Clients
  • 50,000 Student Enrolments
  • 50+ Courses
  • 120 Teachers and Faculty Enabled
  • 5 Countries of Presence
  • 5 Languages
  • 5 Platforms of Learning
  • 150 Workshops
  • and much more

All of the above was made possible due to the fantastic effort by the team members of WiselyWise. A huge Shoutout to each and every one of them.

We remain committed to the Vision we signed up for: A Better Digital Future for All. Onwards and Upwards!

With Deepest Regards

Chandra Kumar

Founder & CEO