Who’s Calling? Is It Your Mum, a Friend…Hey It’s Your Pet!

Who’s Calling? Is It Your Mum, a Friend…Hey It’s Your Pet!

Every Pet Parent can understand the feeling of separation, when you need to leave your furry buddies alone at home, especially the anxiety you feel when you lock the door behind you. Imagine what your little pet would be going through. Yeah …Pets are very intelligent and emotional too. But now, there’s a way you can talk to your best buddy throughout the day, and see him too. You can even give him his favorite treat from anywhere. Your pets will never feel lonely again, I mean literally, cause now, they can call you too, whenever they want to see you or hear your voice! Excited aren’t you?

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FEATURES: Great way to “Be there from anywhere” for your pet, Stay connected with your pet while you are at work, out for dinner or just away from your best friend for too long, Dispense all-natural nutritious treats from anywhere using the PetChatz app, Interact with your pet using two-way video (yes – they CAN see you!) and audio to relieve their lonliness while you are gone, Dispense calming scents designed to help your pet stay calm and relaxed while you are away

PetChatz creates a totally immersive connection with your pet while you are away. As a pet parent, you often worry that your pet is lonely without you – now you can make sure that never happens and “be there from anywhere” for your best friend. With best in class interactive capabilities, PetChatz is the last product you will ever need to stay connected with your pet!


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