WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT – Move to the Next Level in 2017

WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT – Move to the Next Level in 2017

Are you still developing websites the old-fashioned way?

I mean do you still do HTML, CSS along with manual processes?

It’s time for you to Move to the Next Level. Save time and budget.

And Use the savings for investments in innovations.

We always have spoken on the need for organizations to Own their Content and Own their platform.

No more lock-in to Proprietary platforms, super expensive licensing fees, maintenance hassles, dependence on IT teams.

What is WiselyWise?

WiselyWise is a Cloud Hosted Digital Platform that comes with a pre-configured Website Development Environment meant for Enterprises, large and small. WiselyWise enables you to accelerate the development and hosting of sites by providing a Ready to Go functionality

You can now build on top of templates, layouts, modules without having to create them from scratch. You can also customize the templates and layouts for your specific industry and your organization.

WiselyWise helps to rapidly author sites via ready to use layouts, in-built workflows, immediate Previews and a Media Library.

You can go live fast with your Websites which are Mobile Responsive and can deliver Rich Content to all digital channels.

WiselyWise is built to be a Cost-effective and efficient solution for managing your Website(s) and their digital properties.

What is available out-of-the-box?

WiselyWise provides organizations with a core platform for Website development while maintaining the flexibility needed to support an organization’s custom needs. WiselyWise lowers the continuous maintenance of your websites by offering functionality right out-of-the-box, in addition to ongoing support and updates.

You get the following features:

  • Pre-built Templates and Layouts: 

    WiselyWise comes ready with pre-built components so organizations can rapidly create, host and manage your website pages. You can enjoy reduced initial setup costs as the necessary website components are readily available and easy to create, host and manage.

  • Access, Workflows, and Governance: 

    With improved Access, defined workflows and governance capabilities organizations can now manage their websites much more effectively.

  • Mobile Responsive layouts: 

    You can now get Websites which display smoothly on all form factors – PC, Mobile, Tablets without the need for additional coding.

  • Administration of user profiles: 

    You can now completely control access to your sites and define user profiles for content creation, publishing, and management. Organizations can now align their sites to their policies and guidelines easily.

  • Website Hosting:

    Organizations can now use the Hosting provided by WiselyWise which provides the necessary features including Storage, Traffic levels, Security via SSL, Content Delivery Network(CDN).

    You don’t have to look at Hosting as a Separate activity from your Website development thus reducing enormous friction while launching your website.


You get a modern and powerful platform for building, hosting and managing your websites. WiselyWise provides the most cost-effective solution in the Industry while allowing organizations to own their content and the platform.

You don’t have to spend enormous amounts of money on expensive proprietary licenses. WiselyWise relieves you from the burden of starting from scratch and enables you to reinvest savings in time and budget into more strategic activities including Innovative designs, customization, and content distribution.





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