Smart phones or for that matter, using any devices like the iPad or laptops,  has become a way of life for many of us. So much so, that most people these days access all kinds of content on these devices, right from videos, to emails.. its all there. Can you remember when you last felt the need to go to your living room to watch TV? Well, am sure that sounds like a long long time ago right?

With everything literally available at your fingertips via your smart phones, everything from work to entertainment is accessible right there, through your device. You can even capture everything around you in 3D. With so much content being generated every second, it’s not surprising that we land up spending a huge part of the day, staring at the smart phone. But then, did you ever feel that your device screen was a bit too small, perhaps straining your eyes a bit too much? As with all the innovations around technology, here’s a solution right here. It’s called SPUD (Spontaneous Pop Up Display), an easy to use and portable, high resolution, 24 Inch display, that is so very light, and can collapse to the size of a book. So now, you can have all the entertainment you need on a large screen, anywhere you please!