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Artificial Intelligence is the New Revolution

Great Demand for AI Professionals

“AI is the New Electricity”

Andrew Ng

AI Scientist

Why Lifelong

Learning of AI


According to Accenture’s Analysis, AI can add 15% of Current Gross Value Added to a Country’s Economy by 2035. Skilling in areas like Machine Learning, AI Concepts, Chatbots will ensure a stable future for students.

Our Courses

Classes 3-6

AI is the future. We want our Junior School friends to learn AI in a fun and easy way.

Classes 7-8

Artificial Intelligence is all-pervasive. Our Middle School friends will find this course to be fascinating to learn from.

Classes 9-12

Artificial Intelligence is at the doorstep of our High School friends who are about to embark on their next big journey in life. 


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