Why Publishers cannot live without Content Marketing

Why Publishers cannot live without Content Marketing

So what’s the connection between Publishers and Content Marketing you may wonder? Well for one, Content Marketing is becoming a door opener for publishers, allowing them to develop relationships with brands globally and across various platforms. This global reach is being further enabled by mobile technology.

With Print revenue falling, more and more publishers are now focussing on adopting new digital models, with the hope that they would be able to maximize their reach of a global target audience. However, while adopting the latest digital technology available, publishers will need to strategically bend towards a more comprehensive global content strategy.

There is no doubt that the online publishing environment is dramatically changing, but the speed at which its changing has been totally unanticipated.

Come to think about it, how has content really changed in the last few decades?

Content, unlike earlier times, is now available in various digital formats thanks to the internet and the ever-changing technologies. All these changes have enabled newspapers, magazines, books, newsletters, audio and video content to be digitized and delivered online. For example, you may have come across specific content that’s available in the form of free digital eBooks, blogs, paid online subscriptions, online training courses in the form of webinars, videos, newsletters that can be subscribed to online, podcasts and so on. The beauty about all these content formats is that they can be marketed very easily on websites, and through emails campaigns. Sharing content to not just a local audience but a global target audience is now easier with the use of social channels like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, WeChat, WhatsApp and many more such platforms.

This fundamental change in this Digital Era has brought with it economic consequences.

Let’s take the example of Publishers that have so far been using successful strategies to charge money via online subscriptions to their premium editorial content. But now, with changing trends, many Publishers are recycling and reusing their premium editorial content and making it available for free. Could this have been imagined in the past? I guess not, but this kind of “sampling of content”, targeted at a specific audience is what is going to “deliver value” and develop a loyal audience, that can be nurtured to become subscribers in the future.

So let’s talk a little about what changes you may have already started to see in the Digital Publishing world. Publishers have begun to adopt newer business models. You may have come across magazines that give you access to a substantial part of their content for free, with an offer for you to convert into a paid subscriber to access their most premium content. Some Publishers are giving away high-quality eBooks for free, in return for which you would need to register to their site using your email id. (The email list collected in this manner, would be used for email campaigns to retarget users with more offers and costed services). Publishers are giving away content of value for free. This strategic change in content sharing as part of a Publishers Content Marketing Strategy is being implemented with confidence, that finally many of these users will convert to paying customers. This is where the profits will be made.

All this strategic sharing of content can be achieved via Content Marketing.

So how can forward looking Publishers benefit from a well thought out Content Marketing Strategy? Well, in a gist, Content Marketing can be very effective in attracting the right target audience for your product, keep them engaged, build trust, and eventually help monetise your content. As a Publisher, you can identify your content, can recycle the content across Platforms, build email list through Freemiums and also strategically share your content in Social Media.

With so much content being made available to people every minute, strategic planning and sharing of content via Content Marketing will become very essential in the near future. So it’s definitely a no-brainer that Publishers will need to adopt Content Marketing Strategies to remain ahead of the curve.

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