Digital Transformation of Your Business

WiselyWise is a Cloud Hosted Digital Platform that helps you Create, Host and Manage your Online Digital Solutions. It has the right features to help you grow a long term customer base while keeping them loyal to your products and services for a very long time.




One Comprehensive Platform

A new age of features.

24 x 7 Availability

The platform is designed to be available 24 hours, all 365 days. Availability is dependent on the Hosting Provider.

Hosted in the Cloud

All you need is a browser or smartphone to access WiselyWise. It’s a modern Cloud based platform.


We can help set up your Digital Solution for a one-time fee

Subscription Model

Pay on a monthly basis. No more Capex worries.



Create and publish content via a simple to use editor. Easily Embed Videos, photos and other content types.


Modern Customer Service through pre-configured alerts. Get email alerts and notifications.


Automatically adapts to different screen sizes. Your web visitors get the best possible view of your business or service from any device -mobile, tablet or desktop, that they use.


Comes in  Software As A Service delivery mode. Takes away your worries on managing infrastructure.

Social Posting

Post to Facebook,Twitter through conveniently placed Social Icons.

Enhanced Security

Comes packed with secure features, including protection against Spam and attacks.

Data Safety

Sleep in peace while your data gets backed up automatically and daily. In emergencies, simply restore your data from the latest backup.

Dynamic SEO

Get dynamic suggestions on improving your SEO as you create content, not after. Just follow the color codes towards getting that perfect SEO score.


See how your Content performs via a Dashboard. If you wish, you can also integrate to Google Analytics App.

Auto Updates

We work in the background and will continuously update the platform. You don’t have to stop using WiselyWise. You get regular updates as long as you subscribe.


The platform grows with your business. More Content to be created? No problem, just keep using WiselyWise.

Zero Maintenance

Leave the hard work of maintenance to the platform. We will monitor and upgrade regularly. Means less cost and effort for you.

Advanced Marketing Functionality

You can create and use modern marketing elements – Sales Funnels, Title A/B Tests, Landing Pages, Calls to Actions(CTA), TripWires, Lead Magnets, Blogs, Affiliates, Forms and a whole host of other elements including External Integrations. All in one Platform. Plus we will keep releasing new functionality as per market trends and demands. All at no new additional charge to you.