Musical Maestro A.R. Rahman makes music with wearables enabled by Intel’s Curie…

Musical Maestro A.R. Rahman makes music with wearables enabled by Intel’s Curie…

Grammy and Academy Award Winning Indian Musician, A.R. Rahman is a legend in the music world. He has redefined Indian contemporary Film Music resulting in tremendous success and is known for his work in Slum Dog Millionnaire. He has his unique style of  integrating Eastern Classical Music with electronic music, world music and traditional orchestral arrangements. He is also known for his experimentations with technology especially in musical instruments, software and now his latest interest, the most talked about segment.. wearables. Yes you heard that right, he is now experimenting with wearables using Intel’s Curie Technology to create a whole new experience in music!

Music is changing on a daily basis with digital technology now playing a key role in it. The combination of technology and great talent like A.R. Rahman, and another talent we talked about in Human Orchestra – Talent or Gift? Now you can decide which one is Tom Thum, music itself is getting redefined! A genius like A. R. Rahman never stops experimenting, with the hope of continuing to create more magic along the way!

So, ladies and gentlemen, hold your breath and put your hands together for yet another mesmerizing performance by the one and only A.R. Rahman and his troupe.


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