Wearable technology is very hot these days.  It’s bringing along so much excitement and interest around the globe. From the world of fashion, gadgets, medical wearables that let you measure every aspect of your health, wearables are promising convenience, utility and more wonders that we never knew could exist.

A.R. Rahman the Maestro of Indian music is experimenting with wearables enabled by Intel’s Curie to create sounds, fashion houses are incorporating wearables in their clothes lines that change color with the outside temperature, fitness is becoming a realistic goal with wearables like Fitbit, jewelry brands like Cuff Jewelry are adding safety and notification features in their launches. There are so many amazing wearables that are coming up literally on a hot platter.

Here’s another wearable that’s sure to grab your attention. This wearable is created by  Neeuro. Wondering what it does? Well, Neeuro has created a technology to keep your Mind Fit, Yeah you heard that right!

Neeuro is a Singaporean Startup that’s come up with a Neeuro Senze Band, a headband with electroencephalogram (EEG) capabilities. In simple words, what that means is that this device with an App, would help stimulate your Brain for a Healthy Mind! Now wouldn’t that be amazing?

Neeuro has made it fun to use as well.  The head band pairs with their Neeuro Memorie mobile app, that has games, designed by neuroscientists, aimed to stimulate various areas of the Brain and trains the mind on specific tasks in areas like memory, attention, spatial skills, multi-tasking and decision-making.  Imagine the potential Neeuro has to help millions around the world stay mentally fit!  That’s some Amazing work for you!



Source: YouTube