More and more people globally have come to love pets, and this pet companion relationship is constantly growing. For many, a pet is very much a part of their family! It’s astonishing however to see the growing statistics on pets getting lost. It’s extremely heartbreaking for pet parents to even think about such an event, so why not take some efforts to ensure that your pet stays safe and secure.

While you take obvious steps to ensure your furry buddy stays safe, technology is thankfully giving us so many innovative options, to check on our pets, track their health and infact enable good parenting even from different locations.

Talking about technology, here we are talking about the Internet Of Things again. So what do you think about IoT so far? Does it still seem like one of the most confusing tech trends? It wouldn’t be surprising if you’re someone who perhaps feels like a whole tsunami of connect devices has suddenly hit mankind!

However, with billions of dollars being invested, and so much value being generated, it definitely is a trend that’s worth keeping an eye on for sure! Infact we have already talked about some really amazing innovations in the Internet Of Things (IoT) space, whether it’s TheThingsNetwork, or your car becoming a part of IoT, this space is definitely going to be part of our future.

Moving on, let’s talk about the pet care space. A while back, we had featured an awesome GPS pet tracker from Tractive. Tractive, a company founded in 2012 covers more than 80 countries worldwide and today, Tractive stands as one of the fastest growing companies in the pet care space with a range of innovative products. Tractive has recently taken another important step by signing an IoT connectivity deal with Orange Business Services, a global IT and communications services provider. The deal will enable Tractive’s apps, pet wearables and tracking devices, designed to track and report on the health of pets, to remain connected via Orange’s global network. Finally, pet parents can keep an eye on their loving pet companions real time, and locate them incase they wander without the fear of getting disconnected. Now that’s sure to give confidence to pet owners out there!

Tractive feels that Orange’s global connectivity will greatly help their future expansion. By leveraging IoT technology for the benefit of millions of pets and their owners globally, clearly requires a reliable and trustworthy global provider such as Orange. The Orange Business Services IoT connectivity service is part of Datavenue, a modular IoT and analytics solution. To enable advanced analysis and decision-making, the Datavenue solution encompasses the selection of relevant data and objects, their reliable and secure connection and their management in the customer information system environment. These innovative services have been designed and developed by a global team of 700 plus Orange data-scientists and engineers. Orange is commitment to support businesses with their digital transformation with the launch of Datavenue.

So, finally no more worries about lost pets for pet parents!