Importance Of Sleep

Sleep…it’s one of the most important activities that we tend to take for granted. Everyone needs atleast 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Are you getting enough sleep? If you are not, then it’s not ok! Sleep deprivation, whatever may be the reason is sure to affect your health, performance, safety in the long run.

While sleep deprivation may be caused by medical or mental health conditions, for most of us its thanks to the stresses of daily life or us trading it for more work or play. Have you ever felt tired or sleepy during the day? Well it’s easy to just blame it on stress or the kids, but seriously, we may need to recognize that this could be caused due to sleep deprivation or a health condition. This lack of awareness is what leads to serious health consequences over time.


Effects Of Not Enough Sleep

  • Sleep deprivation can cause significant decrease in daytime alertness
  • Less sleep means less alertness, and would effect your memory and cognitive ability, hence affecting your ability to think and process information
  • It can create moodiness and cause stress in relationships
  • Increased tiredness could prevent you from participating in daily life activities, leading to a poor quality of life
  • Excessive sleepiness could lead to occupational injury and accidents on the road.

An Innovation To Help Us Sleep Better

Now that we know the benefits of having a good night sleep, we do need to keep in mind that sometimes its the environmental factors that disturb our sleep, like a snoring partner, a crying child next door or just a fire engine in a street close to your home.

Technology is bringing with it, some options that could prove to be very useful in helping us sleep better in this environment. Here’s one innovation that is sure to create interest in all those who realize the importance of a sound sleep.

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FEATURES: Designed for sleep. Thin wireless profile follows the contour of the ear for long lasting comfort., Long lasting. Up to 8 hours of soothing sounds like white noise, raindrops, crickets, and more., Notification Filter. Control what you allow to still wake you up through the smartphone app., Personal Alarm. Alarm sounds only in your ear so you don’t have to wake up others as well, Charge Case. Compact carrying case doubles as a charger providing 3 on-the-go full charges.

Hush is a new kind of health wearable that combines a soothing sound machine into earplugs to block out noise that keeps you up at night, whether it’s a snoring partner or loud neighbors. By connecting wirelessly with your smartphone, Hush lets you still hear notifications such as your alarm clock or an emergency phone call. Hush lets you block out the world but still hear what you need for a truly peaceful sleep.