Home is the place to be. A place where you spend a big part of your life. For most of us, its a cosy place full of all the things we love.  If you’re into smart devices, then it might be worth your time to consider making your place a Smart Home?

Building a smart home can be so much fun, with all the latest gadgets and innovative products to choose from to make your home cool and connected.  But many of these gadgets come with remotes. Handling a few of these may be ok, but if you land up with a ton of them, then there’s gonna be chaos for sure! Hmmm… wondering how this can be solved? It’s really easy…. all you need is a cute interactive buddy called Bearbot!

Yeah Bearbot is an emotive universal remote, that can control all the electronics around the house. All you need to do is perform specific hand gestures to teach him how to control numerous devices. He is so interactive and would even surprise you with cute gestures! This virtual companion is sure to make your life a lot easier in your Smart home!