Now that you have got a pet dog, it’s time to pamper and take good care of your little buddy right? Innovations are making it possible for pet parents to take care of their little companions from any location. Cool products like Petcube, Petchatz, Whistle and Tractive are now helping pet owners to carry out a whole range of care taking activities right from monitoring and feeding their pets at scheduled times, seeing and chatting with them whenever you miss them during the day, tracking the whereabouts of your pets and so much more…. all this made possible simply with a click on your smartphone. Pet parents are finally able to responsibly take care of their pets even when they are away at work.



PC, there’s one in almost every home these days isn’t it? But wait a minute, we’re not talking about the usual PCs that we all use. We’re talking about a Dog PC! Now I’m sure you’re wondering are we nuts or something right? Naaa…we’re actually talking about the next cool innovation in this space!

The Dog PC, has been developed by Tesla. It’s not the car company by Elon Musk that we’re talking about here, incase you got confused! The Dog PC consists of a touch screen camera, speakers, sensor and a food box. It allows you to remotely interact with your pet via the internet, just like in petcube. You can also dispense treats. It also has built in games for your dog, which he can play with a swipe of a paw.

The whole purpose of this Dog PC is to reduce your dogs anxiety while you’re away, and also a source of entertainment! Now Ain’t that really cool?