Get more leads recruiters!

Get more leads recruiters!

Recruitment agencies have been around for a long time. Traditionally, recruitment agencies or recruiters have played a role of being agents of an employer. An employer would usually hand over a hard to find role to a recruitment agency, after having tried multiple avenues to get the right candidates through Internal employee referrals, word of mouth, job postings, and so on. But with time pressures to deliver, key positions are handed over to “hired” or “retained” recruiters, with key delivery SLAs in place.

From that point on, it’s a pretty clear role for the recruiter, who matches candidates to the employer’s job specifications and then presents “the candidate” to the new employer. Pretty simple isn’t it? Well, it may sound simple, but only a recruiter would understand the pressures of finding that “perfect” candidate who “matches” the employer’s specifications in terms of credentials and experience.

So how are things going to be different for recruitment agencies today? Well for one,  candidates are now looking at recruiters as more of a career counselor, a guide and someone who can show them what they are going to get if they choose to be presented with a particular employer. Candidates today want to “own” their career growth. They want to know more about the employer, they seek more information about the role, how that would help them move up within the organization’s hierarchy, the organization’s culture and facilities provided to assess if they want to be part of that kind of culture or organization. They would expect the recruiter to represent their career- well being. Someone who is more like a career counsellor, who helps the candidate find career alternatives that would nourish their career and job satisfaction, someone who would help to heal career “ailments”, who would help with career confusions and be more like a sounding board, guiding and providing sound decision making support and ultimately representing  the candidate’s interest with the employer.

Another important aspect for recruitment agencies to focus on would be how to get more leads. How can this be achieved? As an example, a recruitment agency may need to present itself as a thought leader in a particular industry. They would need to give the confidence to the employers that they are aware of the changing trends in that industry, that they understand the importance of talent in that space, and how it’s critical for businesses.

For a recruitment agency to build that trust and relationship from both the candidates perspective, as well as from the point of getting new employers to sign them up, Content Marketing is now becoming a critical solution. Content Marketing is a great method for building brand awareness, promoting and growing your business and building an appealing employer brand, that will ultimately attract talent.

Content Marketing brings with it many flavors and benefits. In brief, it helps to generate website traffic towards your digital properties. The more the traffic, the more people will be aware of your services. People will be able to find you when they search for recruitment services online. Similarly, candidates would be able to find you, while searching for certain topics, where you may have already represented your thought leadership. Your content could help keep people engaged with you and you could continue to add value to them. With increasing traffic, your brand awareness would also go up globally. You could continue to reach your target audience by sharing content of value through social media channels. You can create multiple digital entities, like creating newsletters with specific content around the recruitment industry, the various industry trends, types of talent that are going to become critical hires in the days to come and so on. Ultimately, there is no doubt that with strategic use of Content Marketing, your business can keep growing while building value and a growing loyal audience.

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