Smart Homes Series 1 – Smart Walls enabled by Dulux

Smart Homes Series 1 – Smart Walls enabled by Dulux

Home. It’s a place you love. A place you live and breathe in. A place with your happiest memories! A place where you decide how you want to be! Making it the way you want it to be is such a personal experience. We already introduced you to Smart Belts and Smart Jewelry. So here we are, presenting our series on Smart Homes.

Let’s talk about doing up the walls. Painting your house? Which color would look good? Most of the times, we go by our gut feel, and select a colour. Job order placed, and you are on the mission to creating that dream home. You buy that lovely sofa set you’ve always wanted, the expensive picture frames, those lavish curtains and decor. It’s all in, looking lovely. Once the walls are done, your dream house would be complete. The painting job has been completed, and you finally have a look, and well, the coloured walls are not what you thought they would be.  How frustrating!

Here comes an App to the rescue. Its called Dulux Visualizer. Its helps even before those walls are painted. See the best shades come to life even before you decide! This App helps with much more, have a look!


App uses augmented reality tech to help you paint

Augmented reality (AR) tech could revolutionize home renovation in the coming years.

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