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Artificial Intelligence is the New Revolution

Great Demand for AI Professionals

“AI is the New Electricity”

Andrew Ng

AI Scientist

Why Lifelong

Learning of AI


According to Accenture’s Analysis, AI can add 15% of Current Gross Value Added to a Country’s Economy by 2035. Skilling in areas like Machine Learning, AI Concepts, Chatbots will ensure a stable future for students.


Su Xin


Rashmi Kambli

Indian Women and Children Foundation

Upasana Pawar

Lila Poonawalla Foundation

Gaurav Arora

American India Foundation

Glimpses of our Impactful Programs

We have embarked on a mission to create  impact in the student community through  our programs. Our programs consistently deliver on not just student knowledge acquisition but making them job ready with real Skills.

Manisha Patil, Inclusion, Diversity & Community Engagement Leader from Amazon, explaining how WiselyWise Courses impacted the community.

Demo Days & Placements

WiselyWise has actively participated in Demo Days and related Placements, by training our students in Industry Provided Skill Topics as well as mentor them in completing real-life projects.

Happy Faces

They helped prepare me for a job that i truly enjoy. Beyond the technical skills taught, the program has also made me more confident and outspoken.


Student - Hatch, Singapore

Thanks for taking so much effort to teach us! As I am from the computer science background, i am planning to take AI as my career. 

Upasana Pawar

Student - Lila Poonawalla Foundation

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