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We composed a Robust Publishing Platform based on Technologies used by most leading Publishers globally. Through intelligent Use of Open Software we provide the platform at an affordable price through a flexible Monthly Subscription. And the Best part is Your Digital Publication remains Yours. You Own the Content completely. Say Goodbye to all Restrictions imposed by Legacy Platforms forever.

Content Creation

WiselyWise allows you to easily Create Articles, Blogs, Snippets for your Publication. You can use the Editor to design beautiful Layouts. Preview instantaneously with your team. It’s also Responsive ensuring your Articles automatically displays perfectly on any Mobile or Tablet. Publish when ready.

Content Management

Manage your Content in one place. Be it Text, Video, Audio or Images. You can upload, store, tag and retrieve Content at any time. Administration of digital content throughout its lifecycle is a Breeze, from creation to permanent storage or deletion. No more worries on inefficient and time-consuming processes.


Now easily integrate Digital Advertising within your Publication. Add a wide variety of sources including your own Ads and Google Adsense. Link to your favorite Ad Platforms. Upload Video Ads. Monitor and refine your publication layout for maximum ad performance.


Manage your Subscriptions through WiselyWise. Show enticing subscription packages to potential subscribers. Integrate to popular Marketing Automation tools. Send Digital Newsletters containing Updates, Offers, Advertisements. Monitor what links Subscribers click on and refine your Content accordingly.

Website Management

Your Site is where your Publication resides. WiselyWise allows you to manage and maintain your Site components – User Interface, Widgets, Menus, Layouts, Themes, the list is endless. Want SEO Support? we have you covered.

User Rights

Allow only Valid Users – Subscribers and your Team Members to access your Digital Publication and its inner Administrative features. Provide access in line with their assigned roles and responsibilities.

Editorial Workflow

You can designate your Editor and Authors while adding team members. Gain full control on who can create, edit and publish your content. All while keeping Administrative Control with select stakeholders.

User Commenting

Open up Commenting for your Readers. Find out what they think. Allow genuine feedback. WiselyWise will keep out Spam through sophisticated filters. You can also opt to publish valid comments after verification. Watch as your Subscribers become passionate advocates of your writing!

Social Media Support

Enable sharing of your Articles in Social Media. WiselyWise places Social Media icons at convenient locations for your Readers to share your content within their Social circles. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, you name it and the platform will support. Encourage sharing from within Articles and be rewarded with high-quality traffic clicking back to your Publication.

Performance Boosters

Writing great Articles and Sharing it on Social Media is only half the battle Won. Win the other half with WiselyWise Platform’s Performance Boosters. Your Digital Publication will load lightning fast and will be available to millions of Readers with no lag in performance. Such performance is due to the built-in Advanced Security features, Sophisticated Content Delivery Network(CDN), Caching, Content Optimization.

Digital Marketing

Are you still selling to a local audience? Are you aware of the latest Revenue models? Now you can add global paying subscribers and earn revenue through multiple modes. All of this is possible through Digital Marketing enabled by WiselyWise. Experience SEO, E-commerce in never before fashion. Generate Leads, Traffic, Clicks at significant levels. Convert Traffic at every interaction. Create Customer Fanbase where you can up-sell, cross-sell throughout the year.


WiselyWise enables E-commerce functions for your publication. Shopping, Affiliates, Downloads, Coupons – endless possibilities. You can seamlessly link to leading E-commerce sites – Amazon, Shopify, Woocommerce or even your own online shopping site. Provide a Native Shopping experience to your readers by embedding e-commerce links without disturbing their onscreen reading experience. Add Payment options from leading gateways – Paypal, Stripe and Leading Credit Cards.


Add support to your Events listings. Create pages specific to Events. Link from other articles and posts to Events so your readers don’t miss out. Collect information from your Readers. Provide Registration forms. Add a Calendar. Your Readers will love this seamless experience. While you expand your Events business.


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