So your phone charge ran out, and you need it urgently. No place to charge it…hmm, am pretty sure most of us out there have experienced this frustration at some point. So, what if all you needed to do is move, and you create enough power to charge your phone. Nice thought right? Well actually it’s now possible. Here’s a way to some good health and charging, I mean charging your devices. All you need is AMPY.

AMPY literally uses all that energy we create while walking, running or simply put, moving and converts it into power, that we can use to charge any device. AMPY Move is a kinetic energy battery charger that can power a smart phone or wearable. It uses a proprietary inductor technology that turns any motion into power, and holds enough to power an iPhone 6. The design is so sleek and matches the curves of your body. Its easy to wear or slip into your pocket. It’s that simple.

So if charging your device was that simple, maybe its time for you to get moving!