Content Marketing.How to Find Influencers to Turbocharge.

Content Marketing.How to Find Influencers to Turbocharge.

Content Marketing is key to success in the Online World. More of it seems to be always less. After all that hard work, Reach is always elusive. You have to work more of it, not less to put it in front of the masses.

Some Folks just seem to have the magic of reaching to seemingly millions of readers. So the best solution is to join forces with them.

you just have to get your post in front of someone who’s already shared something like it before. Here’s how you do it.

Step 1. Find Similar Content With a Lot of Reach

Part 1. Find Trending Posts with Realtime

Realtime is a real-time discovery search engine by Bitly. Realtime tracks all the clicks that are going through the URL shortener and displays the links that are being clicked on the most at any given time.

This makes it a powerful tool for content marketing because you can sort by actual traffic and find the most trending posts in your niche in real time.

Part 2. Take a Look at Famous Blogs in Your Niche

Famous blogs in your niche have been around for a while. Chances are some of them covered similar topics. content marketing couldn’t be any more relevant.

Part 3. Use Topsy to Find Older, Popular Posts

Topsy is my go-to tool for finding popular posts on any topic. It analyzes its index of hundreds of billions of tweets and gives you the most popular and relevant tweets. Because it directly searches through tweets, it’s very effective at finding posts that have received a lot of shares, making it a content marketing darling.

Part 4. Use Seogadget’s Content Strategy Generator Tool

The Content Strategy Generator Tool (CSGT) by Daniel Butler of SEOgadget was made to minimize the time it takes to generate ideas for new content. But it can be used for a lot more than that.

CSGT allows you to search for content related to any phrase on a massive list of news sites, social media sites, content aggregators, and Q and A sites. Here’s what that list includes:

  • News and Discussion sites – Google Discussions, Google News, Bing News
  • Social Media – Digg, Reddit, YouTube, Topsy Latest Tweets, Topsy Latest Top Trending Tweets, Twittorati Search, All Things Now
  • Q and A sites – Yahoo Answers, Wiki Answers, How Stuff Works
  • Content Aggregators – Blog Catalog, Fark, Redux, Helium, Cracked

This will give you a huge list of content that’s similar to yours and save you a ton of time. It then breaks down all the information into different sections by title, by who and time published, and description.

Part 5. Use GroupHigh to Make Your Life Easier

GroupHigh speeds up the search by allowing you to easily search and sort through 13 million active blogs. content marketing couldn’t ask for more.

Step 2. Find Who’s Sharing These Posts with Bitly

Make a list of people who sent a lot of traffic to these posts and the title of the post they sent the traffic to. This will be useful when you’re reaching out to them. Also, make a note if this was their own post.

The only thing left to do is find out how to get in touch with these people so they can do the same for you. Click on their name to go to a page with their Twitter handles and Facebook pages.

Once you’re there, you can follow through from their Twitter or Facebook pages to their blogs or about me pages. This generally will lead to their email addresses.

Step 3. Get These People to Share Your Post

be sure to get in touch with people before you email them. The easiest way to do this is to leave a comment if they have a blog. Most of them will reply. you need to reach out to bloggers who wrote about something similar to your post, and send them an email.

Hope you had a good time reading. Happy Writing. Here’s to success in your content marketing.

This story excerpted from Entrepreneur.com and KissMetrics


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