Content Marketing is a much talked about topic these days.  Content Marketing is fast being accepted as an amazing way to target your audience and building a strong relationship with them over a period of time. In fact, businesses and marketers have started recognizing it’s effectiveness in a modern consumer climate.

Today’s consumers have access to loads of content, and prefer to do their research using this content to influence their buying decisions. According to a related survey, about 67% of B2B buyers base their buying decisions on content. In fact these buyers don’t just become buyers, but also share this content frequently across social channels.

In an era, where so much content is being generated every second and consumed digitally, it would not be surprising to see how Content Marketing grows into a powerful trend in the very near future. Let’s talk about the Tourism Industry for example to better understand how content marketing can build engaging relationships with the audience. According to a travel trend report published by, the largest travel market for 2017 is going to be dominated by the millennials.

That’s obvious as the millennials are the largest generation to date. It’s important to note that millennials have grown up in the digital age, so its important that digital is very much part of their travel experience.  So, what are millennials looking for here? For one, most millennials are looking for a wholesome enriching experience full of local hotpots, activities and cuisine. This generation is largely always connected, and would love to connect through the mobile experience, or connect through engaging experiences via social channels or in person to a wide choice of packages with flexibility. Here’s an example of how the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board (L.A. Tourism) has launched an Australia-wide advertising campaign, targeting the local millennial market.

Source: YouTube

So, with more and more millennials ready to use their spending power this year and in the years to come, it’s become all the more important for tourism and travel businesses to ensure that well targeted content reaches them through these channels and keeps them more and more engaged.

Now that we have an idea of one of the key demographics that’s sure to influence this industry, I thought of sharing some really good stuff around content marketing that’s already engaging targeted audiences. With the holiday season just gone by, many of us would have taken our much anticipated vacations. You would have definitely glanced at the in flight magazines on board your flight en route. We all know that Airlines have been providing their own travel magazines for a while now, with a whole lot of travel in sights, as well as advertising revenue and duty free sales. The whole idea has been to keep their captive audience engaged, and provide them value. But then, here’s an interesting example of how KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has taken this concept to a whole new level by effectively using content marketing.

The company’s iFly Magazine is not just available at the seat pockets of their airlines, but also distributed via email to those who have opted in to receive it. It aims to reach customers before they fly, in fact perhaps even while customers are evaluating destinations. The content is presented in a sophisticated manner, with rich multimedia stories, filled with beautiful visual images, videos and is published multiple times a year in specific languages. The content effectiveness is measured by purchases, and engagement like tracking shares. In turn, the company uses such valuable information to update its customer profiles, and providing focused content that’s based on a well researched consumer persona and also improve the offers it makes in its email marketing campaigns. Such researched based content marketing helps to build a loyal customer base and increase business.

AirBnB has its own content strategy through the Wanderlust series on its blog, which invites locals to introduce their city to potential visitors. Hilton’s Mom Voyage takes a similar approach to building value. The hotel chain picks 30 people who have traveled by various modes of transport all over the world with their kids. The hotel chain then provides them with free nights at Hilton Hotels & Resorts properties, in return for which the travelers provide content about their family trips to various destinations. By using this strategy, content marketers in the travel industry have built real relationships with the audience.

So, there is no doubt that a strategic use of Content Marketing, within your overall Digital plan, will ensure that your business connects closely with your audience, adding value and contributing to greater success!