Content Marketing for Law Firm in 2017 and beyond

Content Marketing for Law Firm in 2017 and beyond

Content Marketing for Law Firm

More and more businesses are realizing that Content Marketing can give their business the competitive edge to grow further.  Content Marketing is proving to be an effective way to build thought leadership and develop a reputation within a targeted industry.

If you are a lawyer, you may wonder what kind of content you should be creating. Perhaps as a lawyer, you are thinking about significant court decisions or regulations that you would like to share, that will affect the companies you’re targeting. But generally speaking, these cases and regulations would be unique in nature and would not be regular occurrences. Nor would they be applicable to all situations.  So then, what should your content be based on?

It’s time for a mind shift. While Legal Blogs(as part of Content Marketing for Law Firm) are not meant to be a substitution for legal consultation, it does become a trusted source for gathering information. Lawyers must aim to draw readers to their blogs, through compelling content that may not be directly linked to a law-related topic. Such blogs should aim to provide value to readers. As a lawyer, it becomes important to keep your audience engaged and give them something to think about that could help them in their business or work.

Lawyers could research more on business issues that all businesses are facing and suggest a solution that clients might need but not really thought about. A well thought out Content Marketing for Law Firm blog needs to provide enriching information, along with links to relevant stories about clients or relevant industry. By sharing these links with business contacts at regular intervals, you can build confidence and trust with your business contacts, reassuring them that their lawyer is well informed and is thinking about them, even if they are not actively working with them at present. It’s good to note that your target audience, whether a manager, an entrepreneur or any other business professional, would appreciate your providing them with information on emerging business issues that may have legal implications.

It’s encouraging to note that many law firms, according to the 2015 State of Digital & Content Marketing For Law Firms Survey, have law firm blogs that have increased by four times in the last five years. According to Huffington Post, major firms like Baker & Mckenzie and Goodwin Proctor are blogging about important areas like intellectual property right concerns, data privacy, new SEC regulations and many other trending legal topics. Some lawyers are blogging about smartphones and distracted driving and drone privacy concerns.

If you look at the above Content Marketing for Law Firm blogs, you would be surprised to see that legal blogs can be really interesting to read for anyone. It should ideally look like an online magazine, with beautiful and relevant pictures and layouts. A well implemented Content strategy with a pleasing look and feel, interesting and relevant topics can definitely drive your target audience to your blogs and help you build a strong relationship and hopefully convert them into your business clients in the future.


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