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Artificial Intelligence is the New Revolution

Great Demand for AI Professionals

“AI is the New Electricity”

Andrew Ng

AI Scientist

Why Lifelong

Learning of AI


According to Accenture’s Analysis, AI can add 15% of Current Gross Value Added to a Country’s Economy by 2035. Skilling in areas like Machine Learning, AI Concepts, Chatbots will ensure a stable future for students.

Our Courses

Conversational AI

Voice is the future. In this course, you will learn the basics of Conversation Artificial Intelligence, the concepts, current state of the technology and hands-on session to develop your very first Voice Bot.

Basics of AI without the Hype

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is here to stay. and has started impacting your future. From Google Search to Robotics, AI is moving fast ahead.

Python for AI

Get a Fast Start in Python Development Skills with this Beginners Course. Build your career in the Artificial Intelligence domain.

Conversational AI - Advanced

Conversational AI is poised to be the next big job creator globally. Acquiring these Skills will provide you the career push you have been looking for. This Master Class will guide you in acquiring the right skills.


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