Images have become so much part of our daily lives. Imagine if you could capture your world in 3D?  It’s a reality now, in the form of a cool innovative 3D sensing device called Occipital Structure Sensor. It can easily clip onto an iPad, and gives data in depth for true, high quality 3D imaging.

To quote, “Occipital  is seeking to be a pioneer in the mixed reality space. Their Structure Sensor has already proven to be a powerful tool for 3D scanning, VR and AR, but, anticipating the era of depth-sensing mobile devices, the Colorado company has unveiled a new hardware device and software stack for spatial computing at CES.”

Occipital has developed the Structure Core 3D Sensor and the accompanying Bridge Engine that promises to do more! Keep a look out for there guys as their continue their innovations in this space!





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FEATURES: The first 3D sensor for mobile devices, Enables 3D scanning, indoor mapping and mixed reality gaming, Developer SDK lets you create your own 3D powered games and apps, Includes precision attachment bracket for iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro 9.7″; other brackets available, Arrives in Silver or Gray anodized aluminum finish

The Structure Sensor is the first 3D sensor for mobile devices. Simply clip it to a compatible mobile device, and you can instantly enable a completely new set of possibilities. Capture detailed, full-color 3D scans of objects or people. Capture every measurement in a room in just seconds. Or play mixed reality games where virtual elements are locked precisely to the real world around you. Designed for iPad and iPhone, yet hackable to be used with Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and other platforms too.