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Artificial Intelligence in Business Strategy Masterclass

Artificial Intelligence Master Class Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here. Growing from its initial hype, AI today is changing the way business is done. Organizations are investing heavily in AI Capabilities and related research. Start-ups are again redefining and...

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Restaurant Chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence

Restaurants all around the world need to maintain high standards of customer service. But with growing costs, real estate prices and lack of manpower, maintaining those standards can become a challenge. The changing landscape of technology has got most people globally...

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Importance of SEO for a Coaching Website

At WiselyWise, one of the most frequently asked questions by our clients has been on SEO. You may be starting a new website or already have a website, regardless of either situation SEO is on your mind. So, what is SEO for a Coaching Website? SEO is the acronym for...

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Are You A Publisher Wanting To Make More Money?

Publishing has been around for decades. Many Publishers have built massive Print empires in the past. So is it business as usual for Publishers today? I’d hope so, but the reality of the situation is that it’s not. Publishers globally are being hit by the...

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WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT – Move to the Next Level in 2017

Are you still developing websites the old-fashioned way? I mean do you still do HTML, CSS along with manual processes? It’s time for you to Move to the Next Level. Save time and budget. And Use the savings for investments in innovations. We always have spoken on the...

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