Have you been wondering lately about what exactly is going through your cat’s mind? What is your cat thinking about you?

Have there been days when you wondered, “ Is my little kitty really happy, or is she sad or even scared maybe?”  or perhaps she is trying to tell you things, but you don’t really understand?

Well, all these questions interestingly got answered in an interview with John Bradshaw, a cat behaviorist, who was interviewed by Christine Dell’Amore for National Geographic. John Bradshaw has done an enormous amount of research on feline health and behavior and has shared a lot on this subject through his book Cat Sense.

You may be thinking that your cute little kitty is really friendly and social, but you’d be surprised to hear that Bradshaw thinks cats are not really social animals like we make them out to be. In fact, if you were to ask a vet, he’d mostly share that many cats are brought for treatment of injuries due to cat fights. Based on his observations, Bradshaw concluded that cats are more comfortable not sharing their home with other felines.


Cats and dogs communicate in totally different ways. Between dogs and cats, a cat would perceive us like other cats and would exhibit the exact behavior while communicating with both cats and humans, while dogs perceive us like a different species. In fact, dogs don’t exhibit the same behavior while interacting with humans as they would while interacting with dogs.

You may have enjoyed a million moments when your kitty must have rubbed against you, raising her tail, licking you on the face. In fact many of these behaviors, they would have exhibited and learned as kittens, towards their mother to get her attention.

Many people would conclude that their cats are not really smart since they can’t differentiate between species like dogs, but Bradshaw believes that cats are really smart. He believes that cats learn not just how to behave with people in general but also how to behave with certain types of people. In fact, they are almost as smart as humans.

In fact, cats are quick to understand who takes care of them. They know which person would feed them in the mornings, and pet them when they want to be petted.

If you spend a lot of time with your kitty, you would have noticed that she uses certain vocalizations to get your attention. Bradshaw has confirmed that there are studies to confirm this.

Another important observation that Bradshaw made was that humans don’t necessarily understand or pick up a cat’s attempt to communicate stress. In fact, a lot of ailments like skin infections are a result of psychological stress being experienced by the cat. In fact, cat owners feel that most of the time, their cats can’t get along as they are not as social, and when cats are separated, their medical problems disappear.

There are many more observations that Bradshaw has made during his decades of research. Be sure to read his book Cat Sense to learn more about your cats.