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Are You A Publisher Wanting To Make More Money?

Tweet Publishing has been around for decades. Many Publishers have built massive Print empires in the past. So is it business as usual for Publishers today? I’d hope so, but the reality of the situation is that it’s not. Publishers globally are being hit by the advent of the Digital Era. Digital is everywhere, and to complicate things Mobile is running even faster to grab its share of the reader’s attention! How complicated is that? The fact of the matter is, people globally are dumping the print subscriptions, while the online versions are eating the pie. Falling print subscriptions...

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Why Publishers cannot live without Content Marketing

Tweet So what’s the connection between Publishers and Content Marketing you may wonder? Well for one, Content Marketing is becoming a door opener for publishers, allowing them to develop relationships with brands globally and across various platforms. This global reach is being further enabled by mobile technology. With Print revenue falling, more and more publishers are now focussing on adopting new digital models, with the hope that they would be able to maximize their reach of a global target audience. However, while adopting the latest digital technology available, publishers will need to strategically bend towards a more comprehensive global...

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SEO Elements That A Magazine Publisher Cannot Miss

Tweet With an increasingly digital world and the changing focus on acquiring customers via the digital space, there is a growing need for publishers to be found. Adding to this trend, Content is now becoming key to disrupting the customer’s buying journey. Publishers all around the world are wanting to be found organically through search engines. This need is driving organizations to better understand how Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is going to help them being found. So what is SEO? To quote Webopedia, “Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques, and tactics used to increase the number...

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Check out the Top 25 Site Features for your Digital Business in 2017

Tweet 2017 represents a turning point for Digital Businesses. You now have a great opportunity to either get started or revamp your Digital business. Your Online Digital assets, be they Websites, or Blogs or other Digital assets, would need to be fine-tuned in line with the trends in Digital. Before you get all wrapped in Digital lingo,  just follow the 25 features listed below. This infographic is courtesy of the UK Web Host Review....

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Crushing Digital with Pure Storage

Tweet Know the publication behind Spotlight? The Boston Globe. This team is well-known for investigative reporting and has developed a superior reputation in this space. The Globe is one of the most respected and decorated daily newspapers in the United States, winning 23 Pulitzer Prizes since 1990. Even such a reputed publication is bound to be impacted by the Digital Transformation Tsunami affecting all industries, Media in particular. From a Business model perspective, it’s well recorded that Print revenues are down. While Subscription revenues are key, publications are experimenting with other revenue streams. For purposes of this article, I have restricted the case study to an evaluation of All-Flash arrays by Boston Globe and the selection of Pure Storage. This has been excerpted from the Blog of Pure Storage written by Jonathan Martin, CMO of Pure Storage....

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