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Adopting A Cat? Here’s What You Should Consider..

Tweet Thinking of Adopting your favorite kitty? That’s an awesome thought! But while you may have the best intentions to give your adorable pet the best home ever, you do have a responsibility to be prepared while bringing home a pet. Getting your home ready for a new pet: Cats are very sensitive, and may be even more sensitive and scared in new surroundings. You may find your kitty hiding under the bed or the dining table for days, or refusing to eat. Now that would be an experience you wouldn’t want right? You can avoid such pitfalls by taking steps to ensure your kitty feels at home from the first day. To begin with, decide on a cozy corner of your home, where your new pet can spend a few days to familiarize herself with the new surroundings. Remember, cats are territorial by nature, and designating a place only for her would be a good idea. Make sure to stock up with cat goodies like cat food, toys, a bed and a litter box. You could fill the litter box with some litter and keep it in a place where your kitty can use it when required. Keep a designated area for the water bowls and food, but make sure to keep it away from the litter box. You would know that cats love to move in and...

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Can Petting Your Cat Cause Aggression?

Tweet While you wonder what your cat thinks about you, it’s equally important that you think about your cat as well. So if you are a true cat lover, and think that you are doing everything to keep your fluffy companion happy, then you gotta read this. There is always room for improvement! In fact, if you think about it, you may have experienced times when your cat surprised you by reacting in a very aggressive manner or even scratched you when you tried to be affectionate towards her. Let’s say for example that you are sitting on the...

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Wonder What Your Cat Thinks About You?

Tweet Have you been wondering lately about what exactly is going through your cat’s mind? What is your cat thinking about you? Have there been days when you wondered, “ Is my little kitty really happy, or is she sad or even scared maybe?”  or perhaps she is trying to tell you things, but you don’t really understand? Well, all these questions interestingly got answered in an interview with John Bradshaw, a cat behaviorist, who was interviewed by Christine Dell’Amore for National Geographic. John Bradshaw has done an enormous amount of research on feline health and behavior and has shared...

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The Best Way To Get Started With Dog Agility Training!

Tweet Are you a pet parent of a super active, boisterous little doggy that you simply adore even with all that chasing around in the house? If your puppy enjoys the great outdoors, is curious and enjoys giving you a workout and gets you thinking “how can I keep this little fella busy”, then here’s a great idea. You should perhaps consider enrolling him for Agility Training. According to Cesar’s way, agility dog training is a fun way to not only bond with your dog, but it’s also an awesome way to put your pets natural instincts to work....

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Are Cucumbers Spooking Your Cat?

Tweet If you own a cat, you would have noticed how your kitty walks royally all over your house. These seemingly small fluffy kitties definitely have some personality, and maybe pretty demanding off their owners I reckon, not that it matters anyway.  But have you ever imagined that your royal kitty could have anxious moments and could get totally freaked out if she sees a cucumber? Well, you may have come across a number of videos where a cucumber is placed near an unsuspecting cat, while it is coming to eat or rest, and when they suddenly notice the...

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