Pair your cat’s toy with her personality!

What do you think your fluffy kitty would adore?  What’s the Purrfect gift for your silky companion? If you really want to surprise your purring companion, it may be a good idea to do some research on the toys for your cat first or is it research on your cat’s personality? Bet you didn’t think about that I’m sure…so let’s dive in.

If you’re a die-hard cat lover, who eats, walks and sleeps with your kitty by your side, you should most definitely know at the least, what your cat really loves to play with. Never thought from that angle? Well, here’s where you can start.

Cats as we know, love to prey on small creatures. Usually, that would mean mice, bugs and small birds. So, if you’ve observed your cat chasing birds on the terrace, or perhaps trying to grab a bug with its paws, or chew on a furry ball, then that’s the kind of stuff your kitty loves, and it would make sense for you to research a bit on kitty toys that have a similar look and feel.

Another way to assess this would be to observe how your cat reacts to toys with certain features. For example, give your cat a stuffed toy with feathers, a suspended toy that makes a noise, or a moving toy that resembles a mouse. Observe your cat’s reaction. If your kitty chases it or tries to grab it, then you know what’s working. But if she sits there and ignores, then you need to keep trying. You could try other kinds of toys like the laser toys, or invest in an awesome device like Petcube, which allows you to keep an eye on your pet while you’re away and also play with your furry pet, using an inbuilt interactive laser toy. It’s all up to you really!

While it does seem like a lot of work for you, buying toys that go well with your kitty’s personality, would make your adorable pet super happy and for you, that would be worth it after all!

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